Welcome to Primary 2!

Welcome to Primary 2’s class blog! We will be sharing lots of our learning and success on the blog as well as any reminders! We want to share as much success as possible so please feel free to email Miss Mackenzie at seona.mackenzie@highland.gov.uk if you would like to share any out of school celebrations!

We are going to have a WONDERFUL year :)!


Marvellous work in P2

Wiktor is keen to explain how plastic in our ocean could impact the animals. He has some handy tips to help us save our ocean.

Well done Martha! A great start at writing a poster. You are going to help change the world!

Well done Logan on your poster. Logan doesn’t want whales to be eating plastic we have put in the ocean!
Liam has went above and beyond in thinking of all the different ways we can help our ocean! Amazing work Liam and you have made incredibly thoughtful points.

Buddy Time!

P2 met their buddy class this week and had a very exciting time creating “Bob” the ball with their buddy. Everyone from P5.6 and P2 got their very own Bob and worked as a team to decorate and dress Bob up.

Bob is a very hungry chap and the children need to feed him lots of items like cubes, counters and more items. Bob is going to be very helpful for developing our counting knowledge as well as building motor strength in our hands to help with our handwriting!

A huge thanks to all of p5.6 and Miss Hutcheson for all the help and well done p2 for all of your hadwork :)!

New members of Primary 2!

There has been a lot of excitement in Primary 2 this week about the newly enrolled members of our class! Whilst exploring our raised beds we found lots and lots of (hungry) caterpillars . We admired their different colours and the way that they moved and also discussed about their habitat. We want to learn even more! Here are some photos so far of our new friends.

Perfect Phonics!

We refreshed our memory this week on our phonics as part of a mini team. We all met our new shoulder partners who helped and challenged us on our sounds!

Refreshing our memory with the help of Mouse!
We met our shoulder partners for the first time and got to know them a little better!
We supported them by challenging them on tricky phonics!
We made sure to congratulate them on their successes!