Welcome to Primary 2!

Welcome to Primary 2’s class blog! We will be sharing lots of our learning and success on the blog as well as any reminders! We want to share as much success as possible so please feel free to email Miss Mackenzie at seona.mackenzie@highland.gov.uk if you would like to share any out of school celebrations!

We are going to have a WONDERFUL year :)!

Google Classrooms

Please make sure you are linked up and ready to go on Google Classrooms this week. To access Google classroom follow the link below.


You will be asked to accept you invitation in to the Primary 2 classroom. Here Miss Shimmield and I will either posts videos or set learning activities for you!

Please email Miss Mackenzie at seona.mackenzie@highland.gov.uk if you have any enquiries regarding any of this.

Week 8

We have had a very exciting week! Primary 2 have been working incredibly hard during rehearsal practise for the Music Festival next week with P5/6 and P6 – they are a credit to our school!

We have also been learning about measurement this week and linking it with out science topic. We melted ice and discussed what capacity and volume meant!

We have also been taking control of our learning and have been practising “being the teacher” during our literacy sessions! After a vote, we also decided that we would learn more specifically about “Tropical Climates”, whilst also discussing a little about Polar and Arid climates.

Lastly, we have been enjoying the snow and it has brought much joy and amusement to the Primary 2 class. We have all been getting along so well in Primary 2 and working fantastically as a team. I am proud Primary 2! I am lucky to be your teacher.

Next week we look forward to the Music Festival on Monday afternoon. A letter has went home today providing all the details for the concert on Monday. We will be performing in category CH07 around 14:10. We are sounding AMAZING!

Have a great weekend!

Miss M 🙂

Music Festival @ Eden court

P2 have been working tremendously hard alongside P6 and P5.6 for the Music Festival. We will be performing two songs. We will be performing at 14.10 on Monday 2nd March. Please make sure all permission slips are in by tomorrow and please let Miss Mackenzie know if you will need the canteen to pack a school lunch for you!


Primary 2 have been learning what a noun is this week. We learned that a noun can name a person, place of object. We used our reading books to identify words that are noun. I was really impressed at how quickly Primary 2 were able to spot nouns. Good work team! 🙂

Future engineers!

As we know in Primary 2 – teamwork makes the dream work!

Several young future engineers worked as a team to problem solve how to use various tools to create a slide for a toy car. They discussed together the various structure of the slide and used tunnels and tyres to get the right angle. They realised that the tunnel may have to be steeper to create a better momentum! It’s great to see the teamwork, intuition and problem solving skills that we have in Primary 2!

Using our outdoor materials!
Lincoln coordinating the operation!
Assessing the situation!

Lost Property

Over the next couple of days the Primary 2 lost property box will be outside of class at the end of the day. Feel free to have a rummage and see if any lost property belongs to your child.

At the end of the week I will be sending any unclaimed items up to the school lost property section.

Miss M 🙂